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Welcome to Legend Business Solutions which aim to serve the general consumer market in Malaysia. We are connecting our customers to a variety of quality black & white photocopier machines and color copiers at very competitive market rates. Uncover our endless copier machine selection and amazing deals available from these well-known copier brands: Sharp, Canon and Toshiba. Do check out our online products brochure for the best buy copiers from Legend Business Solutions and if you have any enquiries, you may either give us a phone call or send us an e-mail.

Established in 1995, Legend Business Solutions Sdn Bhd is a prominent and competitive name in the photocopier industry, mainly supplying brand new and remanufactured copier machines for the general consumer market in Malaysia. LBS took up dealership of the Canon photocopy machines in the year 1998 and subsequently for Toshiba copiers in 2000 as a distributor of new Toshiba copier machines in Malaysia. With such accentuated experience with Canon and Toshiba copier machines, LBS was incorporated to form a strong corporate identity to the industry.